I’ve completed 120-hour TESOL course. This is an excellent experience for me. It provides teachers with the skills necessary for presenting grammar in class. Video lessons are clear and well organized. It also offers various classroom activities that are great assistance for promising teachers.
I completed the 120-hr TESOL certification course, and I’m satisfied with the course. The content pretty much covers all the fundamentals and opens the door to understanding teacher-student interactions, creating lesson plans, and how to implement them into the classroom.
I am so happy that I chose TESOL in China, it proved all my expectations, now I can teach English both in my own country and abroad. I highly recommend this course to those people who want to get good knowledge in teaching. If you want to be qualified for better ITTT would be the best choice. Thank you.
I really enjoyed my experience with the TESOL in China 120 hour course! I found it to be extremely user-friendly, straightforward, and clear. It was challenging, and there was a lot of reading to be done, but the tests directly reflected the lessons, there were no tricks. I also read in some reviews prior to taking this course, that it was slightly repetitive. There was some repitition, but I actually found it helpful because I was able to reflect and test my true knowledge on the subject. Also the staff are amazing. Any emails or concerns of mine were dealt with very quickly, which I’m impressed by. Great course.
I work as a freelance English teacher. I love my job very much. The TESOL certification is now required for those teaching ESL classes in China. This certification was useful to me in the information it provided, and allowed me to continue the work I love.

有学员这样和我们说,拥有国际英语教师资格证让她腰板更直,更有自信,以前作为一名普通英语老师,经常因为评职称要写多篇论文,苦不堪言。持有TESOL证书后,她换了一份工作,摇身一变,成了一名国际英语老师,工作顺利,心情舒畅,原来的同事也很羡慕她,纷纷前来讨教。她毫不犹豫地向同事们推荐了泰孚国际教育。现如今TESOL证书是一种身份与学识的象征,持有TESOL证书在国外读TESOL专业可抵挡学分。 拥有TESOL证书也是面对外企招聘的重要砝码,70%在跨国英语教育机构要英语教师必须通过TESOL考试。90%的国内前一百强英语教育机构要求英语教学人员持有TESOL证书。



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Ren Yanxia
I've learned a lot from this tesol children program, and it's been useful for me. I've found it's so interesting as a good English teacher. And all teacher and staffs here is super nice. I've stayed a warm week.
Wang Yan
Only five days i learned so much things from Alex. He is a very good teacher. Through this training, i found myself wanting. I need to keep trying. Thanks for Alex.
Judy Gan
When I studied in the U.K, my teacher told me that you could possibly be a good teacher. So I visited this TESOL school after I came back to Beijing. I felt comfortable at the first meet with Alex. Afterward I started my “Advanced” training course. Five days later, I totally found that’s an amazing system for all the teachers. Unhesitatingly, I decided to learn more. I’m a TESOL EXPERT teacher now, I teach my students in my own way   that I learned from Alex, all the students like my teaching methods.TESOL apparently opens a new world for me.
Duan Haoyu
Amazing lesson for anyone that want to be a tesol teacher or just be interested in teaching knowledge and skills. Also you can make a good friends here. In my idea, it's a vocation more than lesson. You will have a presious memory here definately!
Du Jiang
I'm glad to learn here. I have learnt a lot of teaching methods here. I think i should learn more to improve my teaching skills. To be a good teacher, i need to make my class interesting and be patient. I will apply what i learned to my future teaching.
Chang Shulian
It's my pleasure to take part in this training. I've learned so much here. Alex is professional and humorous. Through this training, i think there are so many things that i need to learn. I'll keep learning teaching skill.
Cheng Chen
I feel so happy when i will come here. It's my pleasure to be here . This class have learned a lot of teaching skills. Especial the environment is pretty good. Both of the teacher awesome . I wish that you will develop the company for a long time.
Xing Chenxi
 I have learnt a lot of teaching methods here. I learned an international standard way of teaching. Our English teacher Alex is very profession. To be a good teacher, i need to make my class interesting and be patient. I will apply what i learned to my future teaching.
I really enjoyed being an ESL teacher. The pay is good, the hours are low, and it's a great way to experience a different culture. Progression isn't as easy to achieve, it's fairly limited opportunities so unless you plan on teaching full-time it's unlikely you'll become a manager or senior member of staff.
I found the TESOL course material extremely well written and extremely clear to follow. I found the explanations and guidance notes highly beneficial and clear to follow and find the material a great reference tool. I often refer back to the course material to guide me in my day-to-day teaching activities. My course tutor was fantastic and put an incredible amount of thought into his revisions and guidance notes. I feel privileged to have had a tutor with such a great wealth of experience and who gave me such positive feedback along with helpful suggestions in making improvements to any weak areas of my assignments.
I would certainly recommend the TESOL course. The materials is excellent and i learned a lot from this course. Thank you for your help during the course.
I really enjoyed this course. I learnt a lot and received all the help I needed in terms of understanding and learning the course material. I appreciate all the help and support from my TESOL tutor.
It is an adventure to teach in another country and culture. We have met many people and made some wonderful friends. We have learned about China in a way that you couldn’t without actually living there. We have seen a lot of the country and we have been able to meet and teach many beautiful children. And there are jobs there with adequate pay, which is also helpful”. I had a great time with TESOL in China.
Liu Guanqi
I am glad to attend this TESOL course. I learned an international standard way of teaching. Our English teacher Alex is very profession. At the same time, this learning place makes me feel comfortable.He provided many attentive services during our study. And i also met students from all over the place.

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